Custom Equipment

Custom Built Items

PC’s can have various craftsmen build them items. Most commonly, weapons and armor, but you never know. There are three major factors to consider.

First, is there a craftsman capable of crafting what the PC desires.
Second, does he have the needed material and time to do it.
Third, how much is all this going to cost?

First: Craftsman Skill
A craftsman needs to be able to create it. The skill level needed is equal to the AP of the item (if weapon or armor). If no AP cost is available, assume 1 for every day items; 2 for unusual items; 3 for intricate items; 4 or more for highly specialized items (broach with a secret compartment, for example).

If the PC is asking for a modification above and beyond it’s normal use, add another AP (ex: a metal spork).

“Crafted” weapons and armor are special. You can multiply the “AP” cost by the bonuses added. This value is the penalty for attempting to create such an item. In other words, that value +1 would give the crafter a base skill chance of 1 to create it.

A PC wants a weaponsmith to create a Rapier with a Strike Bonus of +5. This is +4 over the normal +1 for a Rapier. The base AP for this will be 6 (base AP 2, +4 for Strike bonus). A craftsman with a skill level of 7 or more is needed to even attempt to craft stuch a sword. Looking at the table above, we see that an AP 6 item has a base cost of 360sp.

Second: Needed Material And Time
The time it takes to create an item varies greatly. In general…:

  • Simple items take a day per AP.
  • Typical items, a day per AP + 1 – 12 more days.
  • Complex items, AP squared + 1 – 12 more weeks (or even longer!).

ALL Weapons and Armors are considered Complex items!

In the example above, a PC wants a sharp-as-hell rapier with a bit more heaft to it. It’s figured AP is 6. It is a weapon, so it is considered Complex. The base time is 36 days. The DM rolls 1d12 and gets a 12! (Obviously the craftsman is very busy). It will take slightly more than 4 months to craft the weapon.
The time may be reduced by 25% for every doubling of price (see below), up to a max of 75%.

Third: Cost
Now the fun part. Cost of lovingly hand-crafted items is expensive. So expensive that only the most renowned master craftsmen are even usually considered for such a job. Using the figured AP as a base and using the base cost calculations above we can get a base price. That is multiplied by the cost of materials (see below). That is then multiplied by the complexity factor:

  • Simple x1
  • Typical x2
  • Complex x4

And there you have it. Skill, Time and Cost.

The exquisite rapier is going to be made out of typical steel (normal material for item), so nothing unusual there. It is Complex, however, so we get to multiply by 4 to get final price. The figured AP is 6. This gives us a base cost of 360. Multiplying that by 4 gives us a grand total of 1440 sp (or, 14 gold, 40 silver…the equivalent of staying in a private room at an inn for almost 4 years!

Special Materials
Generally speaking, whatever is the most commonly used material in the area for making an item is what is assumed in the base cost. For example, in a deep elven forest, a bowl would be made out of wood, but a few levels down in a dwarven enclave it would likely be made out of stone. Items that are requested to be made out of an unusual material have other difficulties

Familiarity of Materials
The craftsman must be familiar with the material he is working with. If you ask a weaponsmith to make a sword out of glass, you will be sorely disappointed. If you ask him to make it out of gold, he may be able to do it, but it will be more difficult for him, and more costly to you.

The final cost and time will be modified based on how different the materials are (expected vs. desired). Making a sword out of gold is easier for a weaponsmith than it is from making a sword out of bone.

Each “difference level” can safely add roughly 50% to the cost (the craftsman may need to hire someone else to do part of the work for him). However, time may be reduced or increased (typically in 25% increments).

Custom Equipment

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