Increasing Attributes

Increasing Attributes
The cost to increase an attribute using AP’s is equal to:

50 + (current Attribute squared)

Attributes & Composites
Attributes may be increased. The cost is in AP points spent specifically for an attribute. The advancement points put into an attribute must be noted on the character sheet somewhere. Once a character opts to put AP’s towards increasing an attribute, ALL AP’s GAINED GO DIRECTLY TOWARDS THIS INCREASE! In other words, you can’t put a few AP towards INTUITION, then use an AP to affect a LUCK roll, then spend some AP learning a new skill, then go back to adding some to INTUITION. Once you start trying to increase an attribute, you are locked into it until you increase the attribute. If you simply must us AP somewhere else, all AP placed towards advancement in the attribute is null and void. Erase them. You don’t get them back and can’t use them elsewhere.
When you increase an attribute, all the skills under it, if you have originally put points into it, do NOT increase! If the attribute is used in a Composite stat, that composite stat does increase, but all the skills under it do not!

Increasing a characters VIGOUR stat from 3 to 4 would cost 59 AP. Increasing a characters INTELLECT stat from 10 to 11 would cost 150.
If the characters Intellect is increased to 11 from 10, the characters Medical Lore, Literacy, and Heraldry DO NOT increase; the characters Witchcraft Composite is re-calculated with the new score of 11, which may or may not actually increase it.

Increasing Attributes

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