Dominions of Alstigar

Welcome to Alstigar!
..current state of affairs...

A group of fearless adventurers ventured far east to the ruined town of Hillsburrow. There they dared venture deep into the ruins of the Temple of the Iron God, wherein they faced a vast array of horrid and deadly challenges, but were eventually victorious. Returning to the surface with plunder, they encounterd a large group of bandits. A battle ensued and the bandits were routed. If any bandits survived, they aren’t saying anything…yet.

A group of adventurers, who may be the very ‘heroes’ who conquered the Tome of the Iron God, accosted and killed guardsmen at Girds Crossing. This has not be confirmed, but if so, then these heroes may not be who they claim, or they may be cursed or possessed by the souls of the dead that they disturbed! A sighting of a notorious charlatan in the town of Girds Crossing by several women back up the idea that something dark may have been set free from it’s eternal slumber.

Perhaps the same adventurers, perhaps not, were rumored to have traveled to see Old Farmer John out at his homestead on the banks of Ye Olde Crick. Farmer John, a local and beloved old man by all, was having some sort of serious trouble with bandits, goblins, or maybe an ogre (accounts are sketchy as to just what problem Farmer John had). Suffice it to say that something was… or is… going on out there. The Lord & Lady of Griffen-Perch have been informed and have sent a small contingent of guardsmen to check out the situation.


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