Dominions of Alstigar

The Dominions of Alstigar was originally just a “wide-open sandbox, create-it-as-I-go” campaign setting for when we play Dominion Rules RPG ( It was, and is, fairly “generic” in many ways. Nothing to out there, making it easy for any new Dominion Rules (“DR”) GM or players to just get into and not have to learn a new language (I’m looking at you Skyrealms of Jorune! ). Through playing and fiddling around over the last year or so it has been a little bit more fleshed out. However, it still has wide-open areas that I haven’t really delved into yet because the player characters haven’t ventured much farther than Farmer John’s, or The Tomb of the Iron God (in other words, the very bottom of the map).

This campaign takes place in an area called The Barris Quarter. It is a fairly large area, rife with adventuring locals. We have been playing in it for months and months worth of time…and the PC’s have only explored, at most , a fifth of it.

So, if you are curious as to what a “home-brewed Dominion Rules RPG setting” looks like and how it feels, enter The Barris Quarter. Enjoy!

The Wiki pages will have all the “house rules” and whatnot, assume that anything there that I wrote is free for personal use. If you do find something interesting, drop me a line over in the Dominion Rules forums or shoot me an email (pming aht northwestel dhot net)

Dominions of Alstigar

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